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Sophie Tendi

I am based in South West London and I am a professional Reiki Practitioner and a Spiritual Life Coach.  My Reiki studies include both the Western and Japanese Reiki lineages, one focusing more on hands-on healing, the other on meditation and spiritual development.

My own spiritual adventure started with my fascination with the 'something bigger than ourselves' and how our thoughts are so deeply intertwined with spirituality. We each have the power to create our own inner peace, find our 'purpose' and heal our pain but working out how to connect with this power often requires a little guidance.  

The sharing of positive healing energy with Reiki transformed my outlook and state of mind when events in my life left me feeling emotionally broken and low. Reiki helped put the colour back into my life.

It therefore seemed a natural next step for me to qualify as a practitioner myself, and share with others to help them reach their happiest state of being both physically and emotionally.

Both Spiritual Coaching and Reiki can work wonders if you're in pain, need a little clarity in life or if you've simply lost your fizz. As pain can be physical, mental or spiritual (Mind, Body, and Soul) Reiki can help absolutely anyone, at any time, for any reason.

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