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Sophie Tendi

I am based in South West London and I am a professional Reiki Practitioner and a Spiritual Life and Mindset Coach. My Reiki studies include both the Western and Japanese Reiki lineages, one focusing more on hands-on healing, the other on meditation and spiritual development.

My 20+ years of study were prompted by the classic headscratcher "what is the point of me?". What is the point of anything? Once I had asked myself that question, there seemed no way to un-ask it and my quest for answers began.  Luckily for anyone with an inquisitive nature, there is an abundance of spiritual teachings, both new and ancient, inspirational speakers from around the globe, there are evidence-based studies supporting complementary and alternative therapies, fascinating NDE’s (Near Death Experience’s), and Past Life Regression Therapists…. the list continues and the learning never stops. 

I also understand there is no true definition of the word Spiritual. Each person will have a belief that is unique and true to them as we each have different experiences and perspectives. But many people use a Spiritual Life Coach like me, to help them search and gain the confidence and encouragement they need to trust their own intuition and find their own path.

Both Spiritual Life and Mindset Coaching and the sharing of Reiki energy can work wonders if you're in emotional or physical pain, need a little clarity in life, or if you've simply lost your fizz. 

Let me help you reclaim your power now so that you can start to live your best life.