Sophie Tendi

I am based in South West London and I am a professional Reiki Practitioner and member of the Reiki Academy London.  My studies include both the Western and Japanese Reiki lineages, one focusing more on hands-on healing, the other on meditation and spiritual development.

For many years now I have had a fascination with religions and beliefs surrounding consciousness, higher power and our reason for being, (I've learned to keep this to myself on the whole - It can be a real conversation killer!) And years of study from both a scientific and spiritual perspective reveal to me time and time again that the star of the show - regardless of the name you choose for it - is Energy.  In fact, without this magical stuff, we just wouldn't 'be'. This invisible Source Energy, simply put, is Life, it's what creates everything in the Universe.

Including you and me.

The sharing of positive healing energy with Reiki transformed my outlook and state of mind when events in my life left me feeling emotionally broken and low. Reiki truly re-energized me and put the colour back into my life.

It, therefore, seemed a natural next step for me to qualify as a practitioner myself, and help share this magical stuff with others too and help them reach their happiest state of being both physically and emotionally.

Today I am happy. I enjoy being busy and I love being quiet. My friends make me laugh and my extended family provide the perfect mix of eccentricity and hugs. But life isn't always so peachy and events can, as I know, often send us on a trajectory we feel we cannot handle or need help navigating. Providing Reiki on a voluntary basis to the most vulnerable in my community reminds me that it can be tough being the happiest version of yourself if you're in pain or if you've simply lost your fizz. And as pain can be physical, mental or spiritual (Mind, Body, and Soul) Reiki can help absolutely anyone, as it continues to do so for me.


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