Treatment Options and Price

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Yoga Pose

Reiki Distance Healing - £25 - half hour

Distance is no obstacle with Reiki Distance Healing.  The powerful, uninterrupted energy flows and helps activate the natural healing processes in exactly the same way as if the treatment were hands-on. A perfect solution should you wish to continue with treatments when you are abroad, unwell or unable to make an appointment.

Reiki Treatment

Hands-on (or off) Reiki - £50 - 45 mins

With hands-on Reiki therapy, patients lie or sit comfortably and receive the energy transmitted from my hands which are placed in a series of positions. It is a relaxing, calm, detoxing process which will help heal both physical injury and mental and emotional stress.   As each of you is unique, so are your responses and experiences to each treatment, however, just a few treatments can make an enormous difference to your health.


Spiritual Life Coaching
£25 - half hour

Sometimes it can be hard to explore or develop spirituality on your own, and perhaps you'd like to share your thoughts and require a little guidance.

The expansion and clarity you are looking for is unique to you.

Lets talk. It'd be my pleasure.

We can create a way forward that suits you.